Log Cabin

Log Cabin
Log Cabin


The log cabin has a double bed and ensuite hot shower

In the main room there is

  • Sky TV
  • Wifi enabled
  • Laptop available with dvd player
  • DVD Video library
  • Clean and ironed sheets
  • Kitchenette with Refrigerator, Microwave, Electric kettle, Stovetop, Toaster, Oven
  • Desk
  • Breakfast help yourself whenever you like and in private
  • Washing area with Tumble dryer
  • Easy access and private access in an isolated location
  • £5 per head for cook your own supper or get a lift to the pub

£50 per night per head (min £70). You can book online using our booking system, once you have submitted your booking, please refresh the web page.

Pets welcome. £10 per wagging tail