Breeding operation

We breed polo ponies

Lisa has bred at the farm some great polo ponies, who have played at the highest levels, been exported, played high goal and been used again for breeding including for  Hanbury Family,  Alex Ebeid, Vestey family, JP Clarkin, James Beim, Charles Beresford, Rob Cudmore,  Ant Fanshawe and James Peel.

His offspring can also be seen hunting.  They are the bays with no markings hunted by the Llewellen Palmer family with the VWH, including our boys aged 13 – 16, and the large chestnut with four white socks that Charlie hunts.

The combination of Thoroughbred stallion on quality polo mare of any breeding cannot be underestimated. In our opinion, you cannot beat a thoroughbred for temperment, intelligence and athleticism.  However specialisation in recent years has led to the introduction of an embryo transplant operation at the farm. While the risks of narrowing the gene pool are recognised and mitigated, the success has been remarkable to date.

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